Our Story

Our Founders Steven Saxton and Katherine Guevara Saxton - Gorilla FarmCo

Meet Our Founders

Our founders Sir Steven Saxton and Katherine Guevara Saxton were the first entrepreneurs to launch USDA certified organic CBD products sourced from organic hemp plants. They first discovered Hemp’s incredible benefits in the early 2000s and established Green Gorilla in 2013 and the subsidiary Gorilla FarmCo in 2017.

The Saxton’s first learned about Hemp’s properties after seeing the miraculous results of CBD firsthand. They became intrigued by the many applicable uses of the hemp plant and its ability to clean the air and promote a sustainable future with green products. Developing their own farm in Arizona, they have built a vertically integrated brand with organic hemp farming partners across the country.

Ultimately, the Saxton family founded the Green Gorilla companies because they wanted to share the miraculous benefits of hemp to people around the world.

Our Company

Green Gorilla™ – Parent Company

A Malibu lifestyle brand, Green Gorilla is the leader in USDA certified Organic products. We are a vertically integrated seed to shelf company with sustainable organic farming practices and GMPc. Green Gorilla is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives every day.

Gorilla FarmCo™

Gorilla FarmCo has farming partners that grow hemp organically in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon on over 10,000+ acres. We also own and operate over 1,474 acres in Arizona with organic hemp farming. We use USDA Organic Certification, third-party lab testing, and CO2 extraction methods to keep you safe and healthy.

Green Gorilla Organics™

Green Gorilla Organics includes USDA certified organic CBD dietary supplements, pet and equine care, and topicals. Our product lines are all third-party lab tested, made in the USA, and use good manufacturing practices.

Green Gorilla Europe™

An international sales team oversees Green Gorilla’s operations throughout major European cities. Green Gorilla Europe has operations in Oslo, London, Stockholm, and Amsterdam.

Learn about Gorilla FarmCo's ethical cultivation of certified organic hemp

Our Team

Hand picked certified organic hemp by Gorilla FarmCo

Fighting Climate Change

Every hemp plant grown on one of our farms helps to remove carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and reduce our carbon footprint. Plants are also nature’s solar panels and hemp is one of the best plants at harnessing the energy from the sun and transforming it into food for microbial life in soil. With a quick growing cycle, hemp plants are constantly being grown year round. The more hemp we grow, the better our planet will be!

Our Initiative

Green and Clean Farming

Gorilla FarmCo is committed to organic agricultural practices to ensure health and wellbeing. Gorilla FarmCo uses zero pesticides, toxic chemicals, herbicides or solvents in its farming practices or manufacturing production to keep people and the planet safe and healthy.

Many synthetic chemicals and/or pesticides that are used in agriculture go from the plant to the end-product you are ingesting or putting on your body. The vast majority of hemp fields are heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides and testing shows the toxic residues in their oils. Not only do toxic pesticides and chemicals negatively affect your health, but also can pose a risk to wildlife, soil health and can get into the water system.

We tend to all our plants with mother nature and your health in mind.

Regenerative & Sustainable farming

Gorilla FarmCo uses regenerative & sustainable farming practices through water conservation, increasing our farms’ biodiversity and using solar power. Our farms sits on one of the largest aquifers in the United States, so we share a responsibility to help maintain the quantity and quality of the water we use. We use cover crops and compost teas to ensure the soil is always covered to help retain water and rainfall and reduce the need to pull from our aquifer. In addition, Gorilla FarmCo uses solar power to help cut down the energy requirements for growing our hemp plants. Our eco-friendly agricultural practices have contributed to the biodiversity of the land. There are now a variety of animal species that call our once-barren farm home. We’ve created a sustainable ecosystem linking a community of organisms together.

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